1. FAQs related to CAT

FAQs related to CAT

Is Evalground a consulting firm?

No, Evalground is an online assessment platform trusted by more than 150 companies to assess candidates skill sets before hiring.

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What benefit will this test add up to pre-existing job holders?

Pre-existing job holders can identify if they are in the right job field and take a decision on switching to other better options.

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Can job holders with an experience take up this test?

Yes, If you want to check out your skill sets and want to gauge your growth in the future by knowing the work areas in which you can excel, you can always take up the test.

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What are the job profiles that the candidates will be getting in the technical and nontechnical background?

Profiles offered Via CAT test are:

    Customer Service
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What are the companies associated?

We have a huge network companies/customers who recruit actively(150+ companies out of which Magnitude, Kuliza, Myntra, Enzigma, Mediamint, ZoomRx, Darwinbox, Sigtuple are a few.)You can click here to have a look at our customer list.

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What is the cutoff score for CAT?

Cut off percentage majorly depends upon the company’s requirements.
We generally follow a slab wise grading pattern; wherein you will be categorized into different slabs. According to the performance in different slabs, we will push the students to the companies

    Below 30% – poor
    30%-70% – average
    Above 70% – above average
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How is the certificate different from other service providers?

Our Career Aptitude Test assesses your competencies, aptitude, knowledge and contrasts it against two key areas required for a successful career.
Work-Readiness – Your Behavior, how you act and operate in a workplace
Job Fitness – in contrast to the selected jobs that hold your interest
Employability Report gives an insight into questions regarding your skills sets, employability and personality. The report will be your extensive guide in decisions regarding your career.

    Ideal job profile
    More careers & jobs that fit You Best
    Skill gaps and areas of improvement
    Preferred Management Style
    Job Fitment
    Set realistic goals
    Revision of work style
    Potential Weaknesses to overcome
    More information about your work personality
    Insight into your competencies
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Can we retake the test with the same email id?

Yes, you can take up the test with the same email id as many times as you want by registering and paying.

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What will be the validity of this test?

There is no validity of for the test as such, you can take up the test whenever you feel like updating your skill sets.

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