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How to analyse Plagiarism report in a coding test?

The coding tests generate Plagiarism Report along with the test reports.

This report is generated by comparing every candidate code with every other candidate and a similarity percentage is calculated.
In Plagiarism Report, the candidates whose codes are most similar to each other will turn up.

For example, If candidates Alice and Bob have taken up the test and has cheated in Coding Qs. 1, then the percentage of similarity will be shown under
Coding Qs. 1. However, if there is a similarity in their codes in the third question then it will be viewed under Coding Qs. 3 and so on.

Can ACan BA MarksB MarksCoding Qs. 1Coding Qs. 2Detailed Report
 Alice Bob 87 82 100% 0% Report

This is how it can be checked:
Step 1: Go to the Reports and click on Plagiarism Report. You can put in the filter to view candidates whose codes have more similarities.

Roll over the image to zoom.

This report is a predictive report which does not guarantee that the candidates have actually cheated during the test. To get a better understanding go through the detailed report next to the concerned candidate to match the similarity between the codes of the concerned candidates.

Step 2: You can also select one candidate for a more comprehensive analysis and view the detailed report along with their answers by clicking on Report next to the respective candidate. You can interpret this report and choose to Reject or Shortlist a candidate at this stage itself.

Updated on September 18, 2017

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