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A Guide To Adding MCQs Into The System

The Evalground platform allows for both public questions (PREMIUM) as well as private questions. You can use questions from the pre-built library or you can add your own questions (as many questions as you like) into the PRIVATE library, which can be used while creating a new test template.
This is the process:

  • Log into your EG account.
  • Access Library from the Menu bar.
  • Select  Private Questions from the Sidebar.
  • Click on  Add a Question on the upper right corner of the screen.

This opens a dialogue box.

Step 1: What you will see at the top of the dialogue box is the ‘Question Stage’. The Question Stage is the status of your question (Stage, Ready, or Abandon).

Stage refers to those questions that need to be reviewed by your team members.
Ready refers to those questions that have been validated and can be used in the test templates.
Abandon refers to those questions that are not relevant anymore. All such questions should be discarded.

For example: Let us keep the state of this question as Ready.

Step 2: You will type in the question statement.
For example: The question is, What is the colour of the sky?

The Question Statement dialogue box can be expanded to accommodate large questions.

Below the Question Statement dialogue box, you can preview the question you have just typed in.

Step 3: Type in the choices for the question.
For example: The options for the question will be

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Green

There is provision to add and remove options while doing this. In the MCQ dialogue box Click + Add New Option at the bottom of the window, below the existing options.

You can remove an option simply by clicking on the cross icon next to that option.

Step 4: Select a correct answer.
For example: Let us select 1. Blue as the correct answer
You can also use the Partial Marks option to allot a certain percentage of marks to each choice.

Step 5: Select the level of difficulty. There are three options to choose from – Easy, Intermediate, and Hard.
For example: For this question let us set the level of difficulty to easy.

Step 6 (Optional): Incorporate a media file into your question (optional). Select the Upload Media option above the choices and add the appropriate media (audio or video only). You can also add images to your question by selecting the Image icon from the Format bar in the Question Statement dialogue box.

Step 7 (Optional): Attach relevant tags to the question for better search functionality. You can choose from a list of our pre-existing tags or you can create your own.

For example: The tags we will attach to this question are General Knowledge and English.

Step 8 (Optional): Enter the provider and author of the question.

Step 9 (Optional): You can add Solution Details while uploading the MCQ where you can classify the details as per the Question, i.e, Text, Code, URL, File, or else any Media file.

Solution Details is for your internal purpose only and the solution is never shown to the candidate.

Congratulations, you have now successfully added an MCQ into the system!

Updated on May 4, 2021

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